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Welcome to SystemWizardry

SystemWizardry has been developing websites and software since 1998 and has been part of major developments as well as smaller projects.

Cornwall Rooms

Cornwall Rooms was developed to help people find holiday and business accommodation in Cornwall.

With around 1000 hotels on the site, regular visitors and bookings taking place, Cornwall Rooms is a very comprehensive ongoing project

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Kung Fu Club
Kung Fu Club

Kung Fu Club was developed for a couple of crazy Kung Fu guys in High Wycombe.

Here they can attract new students as well as announce events and show techniques.

Wood and Willow
Wood and Willow

Wood and Willow is the first of our Online Shops.

The owner of Wood and Willow is able to add and sell products via the site.

This was designed for the owner to be able to manage all ongoing aspects of the site in an easy manner.


Buildtrade is a Sales/Auction/Blogging website designed for builders.

It is an ongoing project and will be released soon.

We are able to develop complex database driven websites, or simpler static websites with fewer pages.

If you are starting from scratch, we have web hosting partners that are able to reliably host your new website.

Your website can be managed by us, or if you'd rather run the finished website, this can be arranged.

Our Latest Projects: