What about my ebay account, Why would I need a website?

A professionally designed website gives you the credibility that other sellers may lack. With your own site you will have a better chance of selling your products than the thousands of auction sellers who don't. Potential buyers can visit your website from your eBay “About Me” Page to learn more about you, your company and the products you sell. This information can greatly increase the number of bids you receive. You can sell directly from your website but your first customer might come about via auction, now you can get additional sales when they receive their item with a link to your website. Another technique is to use eBay as advertising for your own web site.

You may have visitors from your About Me page on eBay to your web site and place an order directly without going through your auction. To avoid annoying Ebay, you must sell items on in your auction at a slightly lower price than at your own site. Other bidders will see one item at auction, yet purchase a different one from your website. Good feedback from auctions gives credibility to your company, your site, and all your products, not just those you sell at auction. Remember: Every bidder is a potential future customer.

When someone buys from you on eBay, they are now your customer so when they your website you can request their contact details, including their email address. Our customers’ put this to good use and regularly make their customers aware of any special offers via this route, or Twitter or Facebook etc.