Website basics

First, you need a domain name. Select a name that best represents your company and is not already appropriated by another business, we can help with this, from making the selection to registering it.

It's smart to also register variations or misspellings of your primary domain. For little additional cost, you can, for example, register as well as (.net or .biz), so customers who don't have the name quite right can still find you.

Next, you need a Web hosting service. Having provided this for other customers, we can quickly offer advice as to which is best for your type of website and complete the set up for you. This will also include an e-mail account. When you're ready, you'll want to optimize the site so search engines quickly find you and we’ll make sure your site uses the terms, or keywords, that customers will key in when looking for a product like yours.

Website tour

Have a look at your competitors web sites. Make a note of what you like and what you don’t. Bookmark other sites that appeal to you and talk to us about elements and graphics that you want.

Website mission

The next steps depend on your business model. You want a Website that suits your enterprise as well as the growth stage of your business.

Think through these four questions.

  1. What kind of information do your customers need?
  2. How will the Website boost your offline business goals?
  3. What are your budget and plans for future website development?
  4. How will your website serve you and your shareholders?

We can help answer these questions and discuss how other customers have chosen the right option for their business.