Business Card Website

This is a great starting point. Have your product or service displayed on a web-page everyone to see. This service is ideal for a start up on the Internet with an cost effective and professionally designed single page website. This can then grow in the future.

What this package is good for:

Multi Page Website/Brochure Website

Up to 5 pages with information and images

A Brochure website usually holds the same kind of information that you find in a company brochure. It provides a enough space to sell your products or services to new customers online.

We offer unique and affordable brochure website designs customised to meet your requirements. This is ideal for small and medium size businesses who would like to create a basic web presence.

Online Shop

More and more businesses are selling their products and services online.

If you currently run an eBay site then it is worth having your own site, not only to show your products, but to instil trust in your buyers. Many eBay-ers now realise the value in having a site connected to their eBay account so they can get the benefit of both worlds. Many thousands of users run an eBay business as their primary source of income, while cottage industries earn a secondary income from eBay. If this is you, why not take your earnings to the next level and create a site for your products? Keep your eBay account and use it to drive traffic to your new site.

With this solution, you are able to immediately add your products to your very own e-commerce website.

This enables you to:

You could even post information and offers to Twitter and Facebook, containing a link straight back to the relevant product page allowing your customer to make an immediate purchase!

Wood and Willow is a great example of this

Club Membership Site

If you run a club, we are able to provide a homepage for your members, allowing them to log in a retrieve "member only" information and services. This could be the first steps to your own online shop.

Register your Website Name

First, you need a domain name. Select a name that best represents your company and is not already appropriated by another business, we can help with this, from making the selection to registering it.

Provide Hosting

We are able to host your website. This takes away the hassle of finding the best hosting provider and having to keep track of renewals and updates.

Site Monitoring

Once your site is up and running, it will be monitored on an hourly basis and in the unlikely event of it going offine, we are notified and can take immediate action.

Social Networking

Twitter and Facebook pages are now seen as essential as a method of relationship management.

Most online companies now have FaceBook and Twitter Accounts.

We have sucessfully interfaced with both Facebook and Twitter, allowing Twitter feeds to be placed on your own website or Twitter postings made via your pages.